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11 face rudraksh:re
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11 face rudraksh:re
Code : BDR11
Price : Rs.4500
  Indra is the Prime God for it. It reflects 11 rudraksh. This rudraksh belongs to eleventh rudra,   Lord Hanumaan ji and has power of mountains. The person who wears this rudraksh after proper Sidhhi ( method of purification & charging with mantra) will never get affected by saturn malefic cts like Shaani Sade Saati. The wearer of this rudraksh have the blessing of Hanumaan ji. This rudraksh destroys thousands of enemies and protects the wearer from all tantric cts. This rudraksh has eleven shakti in it. If any person does not get success in his works he should wear this rudraksh for siddhi. The wearer of this rudraksh should go to the temple of Hanumaaji on Tuesday and Saturday and should not use hair oil on Saturday. This rudraksh kill all evil powers, every sin, and provides all kinds of comforts and happiness.

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