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7 face rudraksh
  It represents Kartika. It awakens the Sleeping Power of the wearer and is the best for attaining Education. 7 faceted rudraksh drives & controls planet "Saturn". Saturn is a disease & death inflicting planet. It represents coldness, impotency, labour, lower & middle portions of legs, obstacles, separation, poison, fatal disease, air and deficiency. It leads Iron, Petrol and leather. A malefic position of  Saturn creates diseases like weakness, stomach pain, disability, pain in bones & muscles, paralysis, deafness, mental sickness, asthma, tuberculosis, hysteria ulcers, and pain in joints. Saturn has a important place in Astrology. In palmistry luck line is also called line of Saturn. This way Saturn decides luck also. Its malefic cts creates frustration & delay in all works. In the Birth Chart if Saturn is associated with 9th house or 9th house lord the person concerned gets luck late in his life.
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7 face rudraksh  
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